The Artist

I'm a true country girl by heart, so it's no wonder that I have always found inspiration from the fields, hedgerows and woodlands around where I live!

Whether it's the beautiful countryside of the Malvern Hills or the Cotswolds, both where I grew up.
Having beautiful woodlands and farm meadows full of wild flowers and wildlife.
Or the pretty coastal village in Cornwall, that I moved to, with it's stunning rugged coast line and sea views.

I have now settled in a rural village in Wiltshire with my husband.
It's open farmland and surrounding woods give me, many hours of constant subjects in abundance to paint.

I love to observe and capture the essence of nature, together with the character and quirkiness of wildlife.
Once back in my studio, I love to let the flow of my watercolours create my unique techniques.

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Carole has amazing observation of all her subjects, having been influenced by the natural world from a very early age.
In her childhood she would spend many hours watching little creatures visiting her garden, often picking-up little frogs and putting them in jam jars, so she could observe them closer....but always making sure she put them back later!
Garden flowers, and fruit from the orchard were always picked, ready for storing, cooking or to put in a vase, and always available to sketch later at the table.

Each subject is created after lots of research from her valuable collection of natural history books and photograph reference materials, that she has taken herself.
This is all displayed in the way she approaches her distinctive and unique painting style.

Carole achieved a first class degree in fine art and illustration, botanical illustration as well as design and crafts.
This has given her an amazing wealth of knowledge and understanding of different types of mediums, including her favourite watercolours.

Wildlife & Nature is the subject that she has a real passion for and to paint.
And feels it is so important that we remember all the amazing Fauna & Flora we share our planet with, and is happy to be approached help with Wildlife Conservation in any way she can.