It has been a lifelong learning journey for me, having discovered early in life the joy of creative expression.
I love to create highly detailed realism, to a looser distinctive style using the magical beauty of watersoluble media.

Watercolours have delicacy, transparency and unpredictable liveliness, and that's what fascinates me!
Its beautiful endless colour palette, that has wonderful luminosity and lightfastness, all perfect for my detailed floral, nature and wildlife paintings

I try to work from life, when possible, getting photographs for backup, and using my library of natural history books, for added reference, that I have collected over many deadicated years.

Carole has a first class degree in fine art, illustration & design and botanical illustration.
Which is very much displayed in the way she approaches her distinctive and unique painting style.

You can always see her latest work by looking on her Instagram and Facebook pages
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