"....I have been painting and happily creating for most of my life.
With the beautiful countryside and wildlife for company.

My journey of my 'Hare & Honeybee Designs Watercolour Creations' started after painting two of my favourites...a hare and a honeybee.

I wanted to try a new style using my favourite medium watercolour.
And after several days and hours, I was finally happy to release it to all.
I took up the courage to show it some close friends, which loved it and had been telling me for ages to show my artwork on social media.

I've never been a true fan of social media, probably because of not knowing enough about it, but I bit the bullet, so to speak and downloaded my photos and the rest is history!

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I was overwhelmed by the response by all these wonderful people and was asked for more...little watercolour creations


Carole has amazing observation of all her subjects, with natural inspiration coming from the countryside, where she has always lived
This is displayed in the way she approaches her distinctive and unique painting style.

After achieving a first class degree in fine art and illustration, along with craft & design many years ago.
This has given Carole an amazing wealth of knowledge and understanding of different types of different crafts and mediums.

Carole feels it is so important that we remember all these amazing creatures we share our planet with, and can be approached to help in wildlife conservation in any way she can.

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